Comfortable furnished apartmentscentric and exclusive


Av. Francisco I. Madero No. 102. Col. Centro Cp 62000. between the streets of Leandro Valle and Carlos Cuaglia, next door to Angelo’s Gym.


The apartments are located near downtown and a police station 500m away making it a safe place to stay.


The price includes all utilities, wehther you are renting by day, week or month, it also includes WiFi.


Lucia Martínez Villanueva

cel phone: 777 179 34  91




Two totally new apartments fully furnished 10 minutes away from downtown Cuernavaca, located on Av. Francisco I. Madero, # 102 Col. Centro.


In the heart of Cuernavaca's historic city center, rent by weekend, whole week(s) or by month. Excellent for travellers who want to spend a couple of days in Cuernavaca. The Morelos Pullman buses that go to Mexico city are a mere 15 minute walk away.


From the apartments you can walk to Jardín Borda, El Palacio de Cortés, and all of the historic city center's atractions like el paseo peatonal de la Barranca de Amanalco, the church of San José del Calvario and many others.